Our 3D Pocket




Not all traditions should be honored, especially if they result in sweaty balls, chafed legs and crotch wedgies. That's why at Alphabox, we started to imagine men's underwear with a structure completely different from traditional men's underwear and invented the Alphabox 3D Pocket. 

Contoured from the inside out to provide maximum comfort, the Alphabox 3D Pocket effortlessly separates your legs from your assets and is finished with a soft, elastic cover to ensure that every part of your package is supported without any need for shifting or adjustment.

Everything--both the twig and the berries--goes into the pouch that is built-in the 3D Pocket. This creates separation of your assets from your legs. Unlike other separation underwear that relies on a loose flap of material to create a barrier, the pocket is designed to keep everything in with no worry of having to re-adjust or shuffle things in the middle of wearing them. The cinched horizontal fly opening is directly accessible from within the pouch so you don't have to keep removing and putting everything back in when nature calls either.

Innovative yet instinctive, the underwear created by Alphabox was designed to fit the shape of a real, moving, three-dimensional male body.


alphabox underwearPREMIUM WAISTBAND - We use high quality waistbands that are silky-smooth, elastic, and roll-resistant.

CINCHED HORIZONTAL FLY OPENING - Our horizontal fly is directly accessible from inside the pocket (no need to remove assets in and out of the pocket) and is cinched in the middle to provide maximum security and prevent stretching from frequent use.

FLAT-LOCK STITCHING - Our products are constructed using secured flat-lock stitching, providing a seamless experience overall and further minimizing any potential chafing or irritation in sensitive areas.

NO-RIDE THIGHS - The seams around the thighs are finished with a special method to prevent your boxer briefs from riding up when you sit down or bend over.